Why Choose Jetshare?

For those of you asking, why is Jetshare a good idea? Here are some tips on how to make your mind up if Jetshare is the real deal.

Well WHY JETSHARE?, its simple. No literally we mean its simple. If your looking to buy you need to ask yourself some very important questions. Do you like dealing with insurance companies or waiting at your local garage to get a wof & reg on your trailer? Have you got storage or do you have to leave your car outside just to make room for your ski? Or worse, are you storing your lovely toy out in the weather where thieves can case your joint then steal your ski? Or maybe you parted with a cool 30K just to realize you don’t use it 11 an a half months of the year.

Become a Jetshare member and join the many other Jetshare members that don’t lift a finger.

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It’s Future-proofed

Because it’s only a 12 month deal, it’s easier to opt out of Jetshare if you have a change in circumstances. You might want to travel for a year, or perhaps you gave it a go and you’d later like to move on to a new hobby.

Well if that’s the case, you will be happy that you had a Jetshare! You are not stuck with the ski that’d you’d otherwise have just brought. It will have devalued as soon as you drove it off the yard.

And what about the long-term finance deal you used to buy it?

With Jetshare, your commitment is for just one year. If life changes, or if it’s simply not for you, you don’t have to purchase another share when your 12 months are up.

It’s Cost-effective

We have the latest and greatest Seadoo GTX 155 jetskis in our fleet. They cost a pretty penny all by themselves – $21k to be exact. Aaaaaaaannnd then there’s the trailer and all of the safety accessories, navigational aids, fish finder and fishing kit.

Each full Jetshare rigs cost $28k all-in. The fishing kit is $1,200, plus the Garmin Echomap™ Plus fish finder valued $1700 (plus $500 to install). The wake pole is another $900 and the list goes on with the styley mag wheel upgrades, safety gear etc.

And if you can’t afford it straight up, then there’s finance interest rates. Next you’ll need your insurance premiums. Add maintenance and storage costs, if you can’t spare a carpark in your garage. Don’t forget depreciation and the fact you may only use it 2 weeks a year particularly in Auckland where the weather does not always play it your way.

The Take-home Point


Make sure you do your homework. We have come up with our pricing based on the numbers above, and you might find the price difference between having your own jetski compared with Jetshare is a no-brainer!

Not to mention the convenience of someone else doing the hard yards instead of you. There’s no risk, no maintenance, no breakdown costs, no insurance premiums, no interest payments, no depreciation, no storage and only minimal cleaning.

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We looked into buying a jet ski and were not convinced we would get the use out of it, additionally not having a lot of room to store it.Jet Share gives us the best of both worlds, easy to use online booking system, no worry about insuring/storing or surprise servicing costs. We love the freedom of hooking it onto the ute and being able to choose where to launch and spend the day or weekend. Everything is brand new and beautifully maintained. Aarron is very thorough ensuring you will be safe on the water and is very knowledgeable, flexible and accommodating. Totally recommend this Jet Share!!!

Pip Richardson

Aarron was great with the orienteering. Great guidance and advice so we were really confident to operate the Jet Ski. I like the piece of mind a new jet ski offers around reliability and Jetshare skid are so well looked after and maintained. A great option if you are limited for time to fully utilise owning your own. Our kids love watersports. Highly recommend to anyone who loves being on the water.

Joel Kistler

Well want can I say – first booking went really well. The gear is top notch and the equipment that comes with the ski is also great. Easy to book – pickup was easy and process was very enjoyable. Best experience I’ve had renting a ski and I’ve had a few.

David Perry

The Jetshare plan is a great alternative to either rental or ownership. The Jetskis themselves are very high quality units, superbly maintained and managed, and come with both top-notch safety equipment and all the fun-creating accessories you will need.

Vaughan Robertson

We have had a great time as a family using the Jetshare service this summer. Aaron has been fantastic to deal with and has been really accommodating. We’ve used the jetski for towing the little ones around, fishing the Hauraki, and just getting out on the water and exploring our beautiful beaches. The quality of the service goes well beyond the awesome jetski, Aaron supplies all the extra gear with fishfinder, fishing bin, sea biscuit, tow ropes as well all the safety gear needed to have a great time on the water.

Earl Tipene
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