Jet-ski fishing in Auckland

Summer is ‘round the corner — thank goodness for that! So, in this post, I talk about an activity that many jet skiers love: fishing.

Got a jet ski, will travel

As a jet skier, you’ve kind of got it made. First off, you can reach deeper waters than those casting from the shore. And, secondly, because jet skis are small and manoeuvrable, you can reach fishing spots that other craft are too large to access. Life is good!

Fishing gear

If you’re new to jet-ski fishing, you may be unsure about what equipment you need. Well, of course, there’s the obvious: rods, bait, hooks and weights, etc. But, these days, many jet skis include other great features like:

  • specialised coolers for storing your catch
  • fishing bench seats for switching from driving to fishing position
  • foot supports for when fishing in rough waters.
  • Fish finders, which uses sonar to locate schools of fish, are a must-have.

Sustainable fishing

When fishing, there are rules relating to the size and number of fish that you catch. And, in New Zealand, there are seven fishing areas — each with their own rules. So, to ensure you stay on the right side of the law, refer to the Fisheries New Zealand website. Also, as discussed in an earlier post, consider the environment: Never dispose of plastic overboard and take care when refuelling.

Where to fish

In New Zealand, there are thousands of great fishing spots. Here are just a few:

  • Waiheke Island — Thumb Point and Gannet Rock offer plenty of kingfish, snapper, John dory and kahawai.
  • Coromandel Peninsula — Channel Island is excellent for snapper and kingfish. Fantail Bay is also known for kahawai.
  • Manukau Harbour — you’ll find kahawai, trevally, gurnard, snapper and kingfish. Ninepin is also known for trevally.
  • North Cape — there’s plenty of all-around fishing, particularly marlin during summer.
  • Bay of Islands — known as one of the biggest game-fishing areas in New Zealand. There’s lots of snapper, kingfish, hapuka — marlin, too.

Be safe: Always wear a life jacket. Also, carry a mobile phone, extra fuel and a tow rope.

Do you like competition?

If you feel you’ve mastered the fine art of fishing, you why test your skills? Heck, you could earn some serious cash. For example, at the annual Sea-Doo King of Adventure fishing competition in Auckland this November, you can win $1000 for reeling in the heaviest snapper. Over in the Waikato, the NZSFC Nationals start in February 2020. Check out their website for details.

You know what they say, “A bad day’s fishing is better than…” What am I talking about? There’s no such thing as a bad day’s fishing! Just get on your jet ski and reel them in.