Jetshare User Agreement

This user agreement is to promote the safe use of this Personal Watercraft (PWC) so that all users may enjoy time on the water with no injury to themselves or the public. It is also to ensure that other timeshare owners get to enjoy use of the equipment.

  1. Owners of timeshares must hold a full current drivers licence.
  2. Timeshare owners must be over the age of 20.
  3. Timeshare owners and other family & friends who might operate this watercraft on a regular basis are to complete a 1 hour practical instruction with Jetshare before timeshare subscription begins & will be completed at a beach or boat ramp location within Auckland. This is to ensure the owner can fully enjoy the craft and ensure the safety of others.
  4. Children under 16 are not allowed to operate this craft. However, children are allowed as passengers with an authorized operator who has completed the practical safety instruction.
  5. The timeshare owner, if allowing family and friends to use their timeshare, is responsible for training those members on safety, care and use of this PWC. Alternatively, timeshare owners can arrange for their friends and family to complete the Jetshare safety induction course.
  6. Owners must adhere to and ensure all other riders of this personal watercraft abide by the safety instructions in the manufacturers’ instruction manual.
    NOTE Passenger and Observer Safety Information is located on pages 12-16 of the PWC Manual
  7. Maritime New Zealand rules must be followed to minimize risk of injury.
  8. Speed may not exceed 5 knots (idle) if less than 200m offshore to ensure swimmers safety.
  9. Speed may not exceed 5 knots (idle) if less than 50m from another vessel or swimmer.
  10. Operating limits are: Within 1 nm from shore in Inland Lakes and Waterways. Within Enclosed Limits. Within 1 nm from shore in Inshore Limits.
  11. Lifejackets will be provided with this personal watercraft & MUST be worn at all times.
  12. When towing, a lookout who is ten years of age or older MUST be onboard the jetski and watching the tow at all times.
  13. No night operation is permitted.
  14. All hazards are to be reported to Jetshare as soon as possible.
  1. No beaching or beach launching. This may cause extreme hull or jet unit damage.
  2. Any damage to the craft that requires an insurance claim or repair will result in the insurance excess being billed to the timeshare owner. Non-payment of excess will result in termination of timeshare.
  3. Repeat damage by a single User may result in the cancelation of that User’s Jetshare membership with no refund given to the User.
  4. The timeshare owner is responsible for any damage to the craft while it is in the timeshares owner’s possession.
  5. Negligence by the operator of the craft resulting in harm or loss of life or breach of the maritime rules may result in loss of the timeshare with no refunds given.
  6. Wheel clamps are to be fitted to the trailer during overnight storage, or kept in a garage to ensure you are covered by insurance in case of theft.
  1. Insurance on the personal watercraft and trailer.
  2. Trailer with warrant & registration.
  3. All maintenance.
  4. Storage.
  5. 28 days of use per full timeshare or 14 days per half share with up to 7 days consecutively unless arranged otherwise with Jetshare. Timeshare last for 1 year from date of purchase.
  6. Delivery & pick up if required. (subject to availability) or can have storage facility pick up arranged for timeshare owner.
  7. Watercraft is fitted with tow hook for wake boarding & sea biscuits.
  8. Chilly bin & rod holders for fishing if required.
  1. Bookings are on a first in first serve basis.
  2. Bookings must be made AT LEAST 48 hours before day of use.
  3. You may only pre-book up to 7 weekend days at a time unless otherwise organized with Jetshare.
  4. We understand weather and other unforeseen circumstances can change your plans, so if bookings are cancelled 24 hours before the day of use, days will not be deducted from your timeshare’s allocated days.
  5. Your timeshare allows you to only book one jetski per day.
  6. Bookings are made by using the contact us page on the Jetshare website, text or using the online booking system once available.
  7. PWCs will be delivered full of fuel, PWCs must be returned full or fuelling costs will be billed. If a timeshare owner returns the craft empty and does not pay the amount for filling by next day of use, usage will be withheld until the amount is settled.
  8. PWCs will have a full safety check and running fluids check prior to bookings.
  9. PWCs can be towed to holiday homes outside of Auckland but Jetshare must be made aware of where the PWC is to be used and stored.
  10. PWCs must be used in accordance with local bylaws. It is the timeshare owner’s responsibility to know the local bylaws of the area they wish to operate the PWC in, any fines incurred will be at timeshare owners own cost.

By completing the user agreement form below, you declare that you have no pre-existing medical conditions that could potentially impair your safe operation of the PWC.

Hazard State



Lifejackets will be provided with the PWC in suitable sizes and are to be worn by the operator and their passengers at all times whilst on the water.

Collision with other craft


PWC operators are to follow the collision regulations as stipulated in Maritime Rules Part 22 – Collision Prevention.

PWC is to be slowed to 5 knots when within 50 metres of another vessel.

Collision with swimmers


PWC is not to exceed 5 knots when within 200 metres of shore for swimmer’s safety.

PWC is to be slowed to 5 knots when within 50 metres of a swimmer.

Running aground


PWC is to be operated at 5 knots until 200 metres off land.

PWC is not to be operated at speed in depths of less than 0.5 metres.



Operator’s and their passengers are to wear sunscreen and reapply as per the directions on the bottle.

Dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke


Operators are to ensure they take enough drinkable water and sun protection as needed.

Unable to provide first aid at sea


A First Aid kit has been provided in a grab bag onboard the PWC.

Unable to communicate with other craft or a shore station


Users must have two forms of communication to the shore at all times. VHF is provided by Jetshare and Users must take cell phone/s with them as the second form of communication.

Unable to extinguish Fire whilst at sea


A small dry powder extinguisher has been provided in the grab bag onboard the PWC.

Unable to return to shore (loss of power)


The PWC will be delivered with a full tank of petrol.

A Coastguard membership is supplied with the PWC. Call Coastguard on VHF Channel 16 or *500 to arrange assistance.

Unknown mechanical fault at sea


The PWC operator manual has been supplied in the grab bag on board the PWC (including a list of fault codes and remedies).

Unknown location of PWC and its’ operator


PWC operator is to inform Jetshare if they are taking the PWC out of Auckland.

PWC operators may place trip reports with Coastguard using the supplied VHF radio.

A PLB has been supplied in the grab bag onboard the PWC. The PLB is to be activated in an emergency.

Tow rope sucked in to jet unit


Only use floating tow ropes.

Unknown condition of tow


If towing, a lookout aged 10 years or older must be onboard the PWC and watching the tow at all times.

Unsafe launching/collection of PWC


A dedicated trailer has been supplied with the PWC to support easy launching and collection.

The operator must complete a walk around of the site before backing the trailer for launch and retrieve manoeuvres.

Theft of PWC


PWC is to be stored in a garage or its’ trailer immobilised with the supplied wheel clamp.

Safety Equipment
User Directions

Portable VHF

In Grab bag located under helm console

Emergency Channel 16

1kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher (ABE)

Under helm console

Pull pin, Aim nozzle, Squeeze handle, Sweep area of fire (PASS)


In Grab bag located under helm console

Pull switch down

First Aid Kit

In Grab bag located under helm console

Danger, Response, Send For Help, Airway, Breathing, CPR


In Grab bag located under helm console

Hold flare away from people and PWC Unscrew cap, pull cord.

Operator’s Mobile Phone

Onboard PWC (Top of console – smartphone compartment in glove box)

PWC Manual

In Grab bag located under helm console

SOP Manual

In Grab bag located under helm console

Anchor 2kg Foldable

Under console in Anchor Bag

Ensure you are in shallow depth, deploy anchor off bow of PWC Warp: 50m Chain: 5.25m

Floating Knife

In Grab bag located under helm console

Navigational Charts

Under Console

NZ 5322, NZ 5323, NZ 5324 Provided (Auckland Area). Timeshare owner to source charts for PWC use outside of these areas.

Nautical Almanac

Under Console

Tide information