Jet Ski Fishing Trips

The perfect watercraft for a great day’s jetski fishing

Fishing from a jet ski, or sport fishing as it’s popularly known, has taken off in New Zealand. With the abundant fishing grounds both in the channels of the Hauraki Gulf, and the shallow waters around the islands and coastline, keen fishermen are heading out for a few hours fishing and returning home with their day’s quota.

Seadoo Fish Pro spec

Jetshare has you covered, whether you’re a keen to hit the water for your weekend jet ski fishing trips, or just keen for a blat. We offer the best of both worlds, with our Seadoo GTX is fully kitted out with the Seadoo Fish Pro equipment. The new 2018 Seadoo GTX 155 is a powerful and playful new design. Pure luxury, the GTX features touring, eco and sport modes making it a perfect all-round solution for families, sports or that relaxing day out fishing.

In addition to the Seadoo Fish Pro kit, we’ve included the ultimate fishing companion, the Garmin Echomap™ Plus Fish Finder. Jetshare offers the ultimate jet ski fishing trips at a buy-in price you can afford.

Jet ski fishing features:
  • 6.2″ Garmin Echomap™ Plus Fish Finder
  • Rod Holders
  • LinQ 51 L Cooler Box
  • LinQ Box

Quick access to remote bays and abundant fishing grounds

In the past, if you wanted to get out on the water for a fish, you’d need a boat but not anymore. The latest jet skis, like the GTX 155s kitted out with the FISH PRO whilst cleverly keeping a 3 seat configuration, come fully equipped with all the gear and accessories you need. They’re designed to travel long distances so you can get to your remote fishing spot without worrying about running out of fuel and they can move quickly, so you spend less time getting there and more time fishing.

Jet skis fully equipped with all the fishing gear you need

Having access to a jet ski that’s already fully kitted out for fishing, rather than trying to modify one yourself, will save you a whole heap of money and time. You’ll have access to everything you need including a fish finder, rod holders, cooler box and front storage for easy access to your gear.

It’s a fantastic way to get close to the water, cast your line and wait for the first bite. Or if you want to troll, you can slip into cruise mode and try your luck at catching a Kahawai for the smoker.

Versatile enough to cater for all forms of fishing

With the new jet ski designs, you don’t need to worry about stability whilst reeling in a kingfish or a large snapper… they’re purpose built to keep you upright and are a lot easier to manoeuvre than a kayak. They also have different cruise settings, so you can choose to get in close to the shore for a bit of soft bait fishing in the shallows, or head out into the channels of the Hauraki Gulf to try your hand at catching a couple of Kingfish.

At the end of a great day on the water, with the chilly bin full, you won’t have to spend hours hosing and washing it down. It takes next to no time to give it a spray and the engine a good flush and you’re good to go for the next jet ski fishing trip.