Tamaki Marine Park, Mt Wellington.

No we do not have the capabilities to launch at Tamaki marine park.

Yes you will require a towbar.

Each day allows you up to pick up at 7am with a drop off no later than 7pm and 4-6 hours on the engine. If you are using for multiple days 1 day is a calendar day. You may also pick up the night before your first day and you will not lose a day.

No. We need to keep units available for shareholders in case of last-minute bookings.

It is when you have purchased the right to use the jetski for a set amount of time a year.

It includes storage, maintenance, insurance premiums (excludes excess), breakdowns, accessories hardware, lifejackets/safety gear, training. (Wakeboards, seabiscuits, fishing rods excluded).

No, to keep costs down we decided to not take bonds however if someone doesn’t look after the jetski and it is stolen the insurance excess of $2500 is to be paid by the timeshare owner. If it is not the timeshare is cancelled. Wheel clamps are required to be used for overnight or long-term storage during the day, it is preferable the jetski is garaged or out of plain sight if this is available at your home or bach when not in use.

You choose between a 28,14 or 7-day share, once you decide that is the number of days you get to use, and you have up to 12 months to use them. If you run out, you can get another.

There are many reasons, it takes care of maintenance, storage & insurance. A lot of people do not know costs really involved with the care of these machines but here at Jetshare we take care of it, so you just get the fun bits.

No that is called a fractional ownership, we do timeshare because its easier for the client to get out of as they do not need to try and sell their share. If you do not want a share, then you just do not buy another once your 12 months lapses. Also, this setup means no management fees.

Yes if your renew your Jetshare we will add leftover days to your new Jetshare.

No, mainly because we do not have tandem trailer setups.

As long as you want just if one is available.

We have not had this problem yet, we do not overbook shares on skis as we only place enough shares on a ski to book it for a total of 6 months a year.

Yes we can, but dependant on availability and only to an Auckland address. Otherwise, the skis are based at Tamaki Marine Park for pick up. This service excludes single day bookings.

We use the 2019/2020 Seadoo GTX 155 & fishpro170 with 3 seats.

You must be 20 to buy a jetshare for insurance purposes.

We are constantly adding skis so availability is always increasing, some people wait for availability but if we are not selling shares we do not increase the fleet size so its best to get in there.

Renting is inherently expensive ($1500/day incl bond) and so is purchasing, ownership means paying for your own issues like breakdowns and a large bulk sum of money leaving your pocket. It also means warrant and regos on the trailer and you are stuck with a large depreciating asset stuck in your garage that you barely use. Break down the cost of a timeshare and you could only be paying as little as $142/day.

12 months from date of purchase. The 28 day comes with a bonus year with 24 months from date of purchase.

It is included in the cost however if there is an accident and you severely damage the ski there is a $2500 excess but nothing more. Small damage can be remedied in-house but if a small repair is needed then that will be at your cost.

Yes you get four, 1x XL, L & M then a child 7 to 12. We advise only one child onboard at a time as the adult driver cannot keep an eye on younger children and drive at the same time so usually, you would have a second adult on looking after the child.

Yes you do get a 1-hour free training sesh.

We do seabiscuits but not wakeboards.

Yes, the fishing kit right down to the fish finder.

Only if you are keeping it for a bit as they need to be flushed after everyday use and a freshwater spray. We also advise you please clean the fishing kit chilli bin properly and air it out. If it is just for the day then no we clean it.

Yes, we do zero interest with Avanti Finance over 12 months the life of the share. This is subject to normal lending criteria and terms & conditions.

Yes, there is a user agreement you must sign which outlines terms & conditions but also outlines hazards and emergency equipment locations on the ski.

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To ensure weekend availability for everyone you may book up to 7 weekend days at once. As you use weekend days you may jump back online and book more.