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Why Jetshare?

Jetshare is the first and only jetski timeshare company in the world, it’s more affordable than a daily rental and less hassle than ownership with everything you need to get on the water right down to accessories & lifejackets.

We strike the perfect balance between renting and owning with you not having to bother with storage, maintenance or insurance companies.

Don’t wait till next summer get in early to get the best availability!

How it works

Jetshare lets you choose how many days you want to use a year 7, 14 or 28 days. You get to use the days anytime you want on your online account by using our online calendar showing you availability then you choose the day/days and go. No matter the Jetshare you can also use your days individually which is unique to Jetshare making us the only jetski timeshare company in the world.


Choose a 28, 14 or 7 day Jetshare so you can have more or less days to suit your needs. It also comes on a trailer so you can go anywhere you want even out of Auckland.


Our modern 2019/2020 3-seat Seadoo fleet of GTX and Fishpro means you’re always on the latest and greatest. Our fleet is set up for everything from fishing to seabiscuiting and wakeboarding. Learn more.

Great Location

Based at Auckland’s Tamaki Marine Park, Mt Wellington conveniently placed by the motorway. We are also placing our fast growing fleet in other locations in Auckland for easier pickup & drop off.


Being a Jetshare member is more than being on the latest and greatest. It’s also about having the training, help and support to get you out of trouble if you end up in a pickle.


If you need a drop-off and you’re a 14 or 28 day member, we can help FREE.

Jetshare is priced from as little as $142 per day of use

Buying A Jetski

It’s expensive upfront, and then there are the accessories, insurance costs, storage issues and maintenance hassles.

Hiring A Jetski

Jetski hire in Auckland is more expensive than you may think, and it’s not always as convenient as you’d want.

Jetski Timeshares

Jetshare is the solution you’ve been searching for! It is cost effective, hassle-free and fun!

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How many days do you plan to spend on the water with your Seadoo GTX 155? Choose a full, half or trial share to suit your lifestyle. Take it to the bach for the summer, or nip out fishing throughout the year – it’s your choice.

buy jetski timeshare online
Full Share – 28 Days | BONUS 2 year expiry


incl. gst
buy jetski timeshare online
Half Share – 14 Days | 12 Months


incl. gst
buy jetski timeshare online
Trial Share – 3 or 7 Days | 12 Months


incl. gst

Ride out on the 2019/20 Seadoo GTX 155/FISHPRO

The playful Seadoo GTX 155 and Fishpro is the ultimate in efficiency, comfort and power.

Choose between three different modes to suit – touring, eco or sport. That makes this the perfect all-round jetski – take the kids biscuiting, cruise out to a good fishing spot, or get the wakeboard out.

Check Out The Fleet

What is a JETSHARE jetski timeshare?

A timeshare takes the best parts of renting a jetski and the best parts of buying one. Your fee entitles you to use one of our jetskis for either 3, 7 or 14 days in a year, or 28 days over two years, depending on the package you choose. You book in the days you’d like to use one online with your account log in, and pick up a jetski on your way or we can deliver and pick up the ski.

Why Jetshare?

Then when you’re done, you return it or we pick up – we’ll clean and maintain it, so you just get the fun. It’s far cheaper than renting, and much less work than purchasing. You can book any of the jetskis in our fleet any of the days you want throughout the year, and since we update our models every three years, you’ll always be riding one of the latest and best PWCs on the market.


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